Quick Start

Learn how to use Eagle to organize your inspirations

Adding contents to Eagle

Drag anything worth saving into Eagle. You can also add multiple files or photos by using +N.

Use folders to organize your ideas

Click the “+” button on the left or use +Shift+N to add a new folder and keep your great ideas in there.

Rename folder

The way to rename is similar to the files system, just double click, right click rename, +R or the hot key and rename it.

Switch from idea to idea faster than ever

Use +J to switch between folders, this function allows you to search for different ideas in seconds.

Saving pictures has just become so much easier

Use the Eagle browser extensions, and you can save images by just right-clicking your mouse.

Your favorite websites are now in Eagle

Save the whole website! With Eagle’s extensions, just click on the Eagle icon and the whole website will be saved for you!

Screen Shots

Use Control+Shift+A, and you can screen shot any inspirations you encounter, which can also be organized by Eagle.

Manage ideas groups at a time

Ever wanted to add different ideas to different folders at the same time? Just select them all and right click “add to folder” or use +Shift+J.

Annotate each inspiration

Add your comments on each idea so your team members can see it. Use +1 and +2 to switch between modes.

Color filter

Eagle will recognize the colors of each picture, and by choosing the color samples on the right, you can easily find ideas with similar color.