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Why Eagle?

Your solution to organizing design assets

Eagle is your best choice for organizing images and ideas. Thousands of images? Hundreds of categories? Eagle solves it all with efficiency and style.

It can be a fuss to collect images from websites

Collecting images are always a nightmare, especially with all the procedures and when there are more than one.

Lack of efficiency to organizing assets

Organizing assets means creating many folders and multiple cut-and-paste actions, which can be quite a waste of time.

Finding assets become mission impossible

It is not easy to remember where you keep all your design assets, and it is harder to find the right one at the right time.

Better design research starts with Eagle

Store design mockups, illustrations, screenshots and more.

Browser Extension

Save images from any website. It’s even easier than it sounds.


Use Eagle to capture what inspires you.

Drag & drop

Drag and drop images from other apps.


A handy way to copy & paste any image you like.

Browser Extension
Drag & drop

Organize all your images in a logical way

Use the power of Eagle to organize and tag your images so you can quickly find them.


Add tags to any image, or a group of images, to find them faster.


Organize your images in folders.

Smart Folders

Organize and automatically filter images by name or tags.

Write down your thoughts

Annotate a specific area of an image. It's like magic!

Smart Folders
Write down your thoughts

Find inspiration for your next design project

Looking for inspiration for your next design project? Search for images based on colors, image formats, etc.

Color Filter

Use color labels to sort and find your files.

Keywords Search

Search for tags, notes, and titles.

Advanced Filter

Search for images based on colors, image formats, etc.

Browse Your Files with Ease

You'll love the simplicity to browse through hundreds of categories.

Color Filter
Keywords Search
Advanced Filter
Browse Your Files with Ease

Everyone love these features

All asset managing matters you need are included, help you master your task like a boss.

Tag Management

Designing for people who use lots of tags, easy to classify and organize tags.

Hierarchical Folder

Helping you to classify your assets in high performance and logical way.

Smart Folder

Automatically find and organize files by your search criteria and update constantly.


Highlight any range of image and annotate your thoughts for your brain.


Easy rating your image by a clicking of keyboard number 1~5 button.

Batch Processing

Good at batch processing tasks simultaneously, such as multi-selected, classify/tag.


Set default tag on the folder and apply to any of the assets which are added to the folder.

Password Protection

Lock your private assets with a password, and you would seem after entering the password.

Identifying Duplicates

Automatically helps you to check file duplication when you are collecting image.

Video Management

Quickly browse and preview videos, without having to open videos one by one.

Audio Management

Supports various audio files, including mp3, wav, aac, flac, m4a and other common formats.

Font Management

Easily manage font files, preview and categorize without installation.

Eagle works with formats you already use

You can manage most image formats on both Windows and macOS and we currently support up to 58 image formats.


Want to make Eagle fully collaborative?

It's super easy to sync it through Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or any other cloud storage service.

Why people are saying such terribly nice things about Eagle

Inspiration managing is a key to design work. Eagle helps make things much easier, it is a must for any designer.

Qiao Bang Zhu / Founder at UIBANG

If you ever have trouble managing your pictures that are always spread around your desktop, Eagle is your star. easy to use and flexible to all platforms, it is the best tool a designer could have.

Jing Dian / Author of《Distinctive UI Designer》

Eagle solves the image management problems of designers, browser plug-ins, filtering functions save me a lot of time, is a must-have tool for designers!

Huge /Founder at Xueui.cn

It is the best image management tool I have used, and I particularly recommend the image search function. It's very good. use!

Ying Ying / Lanhu App Creative Director

Since I had Eagle and spent less time looking for images, Eagle has become a good helper and an integral part of my job.

Zhang Yuanyi / Founder at MockingBot

I have tried many managing tools, but never have I used one as good as Eagle. it is custom made for any designer.

JJ Ying / Anchor at Anyway.FM

Eagle is not only an image collecting app but very good at organizing. Integrated with image arrangement, tagging, searching, and using experience, definitely a "Second Brain" for designers.

Qian Yun / Co-founder at Qiaojiang

With Eagle, I can annotate ideas and suggestions on the designer's work, making images collation and retrieval more efficient.

Lao Bu / Founder at Mockplus

The emergence of Eagle makes image management and search become a piece of cake. It is necessary for designers or design teams to have good tools.

Dai Hui / Suishou Technology Design Vice President

Eagle is a pack of surprises and joy. it may seem like a picture managing tool, but it can manage almost anything. Trust me, it’s worth your try.

Caojiang / Author of 《PPT 炼成记

As a trainer focusing on presentation designs, I have a large number of islide-related course wares and cases. When collating and retrieving, I also feel painful to them. Since I met the Eagle, all of this becomes a kind of enjoyment!

Waffle / Founder at Hongewoods