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Why Eagle?

Your solution to organizing design assets

Eagle is your best choice for organizing images and ideas. Thousands of images? Hundreds of categories? Eagle solves it all with efficiency and style.

It can be a fuss to collect images from websites

Collecting images are always a nightmare, especially with all the procedures and when there are more than one.

Lack of efficiency to organizing assets

Organizing assets means creating many folders and multiple cut-and-paste actions, which can be quite a waste of time.

Finding assets become mission impossible

It is not easy to remember where you keep all your design assets, and it is harder to find the right one at the right time.

Better design research starts with Eagle

Store design mockups, illustrations, screenshots and more.

Browser Extension

Save images from any website. It’s even easier than it sounds.

Video Bookmark

Organize Youtube / Vimeo links and easily preview in Eagle.


Use Eagle to capture what inspires you.

Drag & drop

Drag and drop images from other apps.


A handy way to copy & paste any image you like.

Browser Extension
Video Bookmark
Drag & drop

Organize all your images in a logical way

Use the power of Eagle to organize and tag your images so you can quickly find them.


Add tags to any image, or a group of images, to find them faster.


Organize your images in folders.

Smart Folders

Organize and automatically filter images by name or tags.

Write down your thoughts

Annotate a specific area of an image. It's like magic!

Smart Folders
Write down your thoughts

Find inspiration for your next design project

Looking for inspiration for your next design project? Search for images based on colors, image formats, etc.

Color Filter

Use color labels to sort and find your files.

Keywords Search

Search for tags, notes, and titles.

Advanced Filter

Search for images based on colors, image formats, etc.

Browse Your Files with Ease

You'll love the simplicity to browse through hundreds of categories.

Color Filter
Keywords Search
Advanced Filter
Browse Your Files with Ease

Browse assets smoothly

Arrange assets in the fittest layouts with all parts of images displayed, and greatly speed up the browsing efficiency.

Hover Preview

No need to open the file, just hover over assets to preview.

Spacebar Preview

Preview contents by simply pressing the space bar.

Suitable Layouts

Arrange assets in the fittest way to allow easier browse.

Zoom as you like

View any details of the image with zero efforts taken.

Hover Preview
Spacebar Preview
Suitable Layouts
Zoom as you like

Everyone love these features

All asset managing matters you need are included, help you master your task like a boss.

Tag Management

Designing for people who use lots of tags, easy to classify and organize tags.

Hierarchical Folder

Helping you to classify your assets in high performance and logical way.

Smart Folder

Automatically find and organize files by your search criteria and update constantly.


Highlight any range of image and annotate your thoughts for your brain.


Easy rating your image by a clicking of keyboard number 1~5 button.

Batch Processing

Good at batch processing tasks simultaneously, such as multi-selected, classify/tag.


Set default tag on the folder and apply to any of the assets which are added to the folder.

Password Protection

Lock your private assets with a password, and you would seem after entering the password.

Identifying Duplicates

Automatically helps you to check file duplication when you are collecting image.

Video Management

Quickly browse and preview videos, without having to open videos one by one.

Audio Management

Supports various audio files, including mp3, wav, aac, flac, m4a and other common formats.

Font Management

Easily manage font files, preview and categorize without installation.

Marcador web

Visually collect favorite websites and browse directly in Eagle.

Video Bookmark

Organize Youtube / Vimeo links and easily preview in Eagle.

Eagle works well with All types of formats

Any file formats can be imported and organized with Eagle. You don't need to manage special files in a separate organizer anymore!


Want to make Eagle fully collaborative?

It's super easy to sync it through Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or any other cloud storage service.

Highly Recommended by designers

Melanie Löff-BirdProduct Designer, Klarna

I have tried so many different ways to organize my UX/UI inspiration over the years and was so happy to finally discover Eagle! It saves me so much time being able to search and browse through saved presentations, sketch files, videos, gifs, and more all in one place.

Adrian TwarogYoutube Design Channel

I struggle to manage all my website assets, especially for large projects spanning months. This product made my life easier organizing things like images and icons, especially by color, which made my life a lot easier and organized.

Matt McKennaOwner, Head of Design

I was hoping Eagle would be a tool I could use to organize design files, but its features exceeded my expectations, and it is now a tool I use every single day. The number of file types it supports is unreal, and I now have my entire team uses it to organize project files for clients.

Mark IrisDirector of UX Design

As a UX Designer, I'm constantly doing competitive analysis and research. That means taking tons of screenshots. Eagle lets me grab clean, complete images from the web, tag them, and create smart folders that automatically organize new content. Eagle streamlined an essential part of my design process. I use it every day.

Dexter WangProduct Designer

With Eagle I can sort dozens of ideas in minutes. Speed is a super important aspect of any discovery tool. Ideas can come from anywhere, and Eagle liberates you from relying on proprietary cloud services to save ideas.

Guilherme SchmittProduct Designer at Klaviyo

Pattern research plays a big role in product design, so I frequently use Eagle to catalog interesting UX ideas across web and mobile. With its powerful and flexible organization tools, Eagle helps future me make sense of it all.

Taylor AllenFreelance UI / UX Designer

Eagle is an indispensable tool for me. I can use Eagle as a catch-all tool for collecting references, inspiration pieces, design assets, and bookmarks. I'm also impressed with the web clipping tool that integrates. It makes it really simple to grab embedded images and other assets right from the page. Love it!

The most attractive, robust, and fully-featured way of storing, classifying, and accessing images that I've ever seen. I put everything in it, including pdfs, and can always lay my hands on what I need for a job, immediately. Love it.

Kyle StallaHead of Design / Late Night Studios

The ability to organize ideas and assets in a well thought out interface has helped our workflow process greatly when it comes to branding projects, from start to finish. 10/10 - would recommend to anyone who works with branding.

Adam WaxmanDirector of Product Design

Eagle is by far the best visual bookmarking tool I've come across. It packs a ton of intricate functionality into a simple and intuitive experience. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for an easy way to collect and organize inspiration and images ✨

Alex BarkaloffExecutive Producer

Your left brain wants folders. Your right brain wants a creative heap. It really doesn’t matter because Eagle is my AI brain for finding my creative assets based on a multidimensional criteria. Warning: this is addictive stuff.

James ConklePhotographer / 3D Designer

As a creative I generate and collect a lot of photos and video that I need to be able to quickly view, archive and sort. No other software does as good of job as Eagle. The fact that they support video is HUGE. Thank you!

Vahe HovhannisyanFounder at Read This Twice

I turned Eagle into a huge organized collection of web UI inspiration for my projects. I'm amazed at how the Eagle team has taken care of every little detail in the app. I use it pretty much daily and love how I can do almost everything with hotkeys.

Joshua YangCo-founder

Eagle has accelerated my design process because of its ease of use, easy import, and the numerous file types it supports. My colleagues are impressed by how quickly I can find design assets that they need!

Joshua GalanEntrepreneur

Eagle Cool has become an indispensable app for me personally and professionally. I'm a neat freak and this software helps keep me organized. It literally has become a repository for my ideas, assets, and designs.

Michael WymoreFunnel Designer

I've used Eagle to store all of my photos or digital assets for a number of different projects. It organizes everything so well and I no longer have to hunt through numerous files to find my pictures for each separate client or business project. Eagle is well worth the investment!

John HoloweskoCEO / Product Designer

The most valuable tools (for designers) are those that help sustain creativity and momentum. Eagle's browser extension is one of those tools - there when you need it and vanishes when you don't. It requires virtually no effort to use and enables you to stay in the zone. What else could you want?

Jason CarlinHead of Design

I've tried them all, and Eagle is the best way to organize assets and images and I rely on it daily to keep important things nice and tidy for me. Whether it's assets for current projects, images or photos for slides and talks, videos and animated gifs for research, or screenshots for inspiration later on, Eagle handles the job for me.

Afzal AliMobile App Developer

Eagle made it simple to organize the digital assets. I use the chrome plugin and everything I like on the internet is just drag n drop away. Amazing tool for designers and full stack developers.

Dario RodighieroResearch Scholar / Harvard University

As researchers need a reference application to organize their bibliographies, likewise designers need a place to organize their images. Eagle comes with perfect timing offering a software agile and stable, which allows designers to archive their works in all the available formats.

Alexandre CailléPhotographer

Eagle is truly amazing! Before, it was easy to save media, but a real struggle to find it later. Now, everything is in one place, and really easy to find with tags. And the search by colors… just WOW!

I've been curating and posting minimal product design every day for one of the biggest design communities on Instagram. Eagle has helped me organize thousands of product photos, and all of them are easy to find because of the tagging system. It's a game changer.

Garrett LewisFreelance artist

Across my work and personal projects, sorting hundreds of reference images, textures, and assets had become too difficult! Eagle made my life much easier with tagging, and the ability to place things in multiple folders at once.

Douglas SmolensWeb Strategist

Eagle is something I’ve been looking for for years and is one of the most useful pieces of software I use as a designer. I think Eagle deserves to have a much more prominent position in the designer's toolbox.

Alexei ShvalevMotion Designer

An incredible app! Period! The guys, like wizards, embodied in him everything that could only be dreamed of. Now, collecting, sorting and storing almost any visual content has become a pure pleasure. Inspiration has never been so close and tangible. Hat off guys. My workflow will never be the same again.

I have tried many DAM style apps and none come close to the ease of use and affordability of Eagle. With their built-in web extensions and google drive cloud sync, me & my team can effectively share, manage and organize many different filetypes. This app is indispensable for those in media production or any creative field!

Fehmi ÖzüsevenSenior UX Designer

Eagle is an important tool in my creative workflow. It is helping me to organize my inspirations. I can collect images and videos with its awesome Chrome extension. Tagging feature is great to find related inspirations before starting a new concept. Totally loved it!

Eagle has become one of my most trusted and used tools and an important part of my daily workflow. I use it at least a dozen times a day to collect or organize images and links for my creative projects. The ability to easily grab images or take screen captures is a thing of beauty!

Sally LeeContent Creator

One of the best gems I've ever found in the app world! The team is incredibly hardworking and they surprise you with new updates to what you thought was an already perfect app.

Eugene FedorenkoProduct Designer / Wildbit

Eagle is my “Second brain” for visuals. Whenever I stumble upon a smart UI solution, a beautiful design, or an inspiring photo, it all gets saved to my library for future reference.

Abdul Aziz AhwanContent Creator

The Eagle App has helped me to be better organized in managing my design assets. So that when I need it, I can easily find it. Because the Eagle App has cool filtration features. Now, it's your turn.

Fathul Ro'yiFreelance Designer

Eagle App is perfect application for management asset files, So many great features and it's really help me a lot to manage my design asset and inspiration/ideas I have found from the internet.

Nhatanh NguyenGraphic Designer

Eagle helps me organize & categorize all of the resources on my computer. Since I used Eagle, I've never missed anything! I also made a stock library with my team through Dropbox, and we contribute it easily.

Hammad AslamDigital Artist & Graphic Designer

I recommend Eagle App to all the creative professionals as I am using it from past few months and it's my daily driver whenever it comes to organizing my graphic design content. You can minimize your hours of works in just few minutes.

Malik YusufDesign Services / Colgate-Palmolive

When I began using Eagle nearly two years ago, it instantly became one of my favorite design tools. And since, thanks to the constant updates by the team behind it, it's only gotten better. It's helped me organize inspiration for my projects. I love it, and I'd recommend it to all designers, motion designers, and illustrators.

Emrah GonulkirmazCreative Director / Designer

I think Eagle works amazing! I no longer need to look for images scattered around my computer, I'm directly dropping all the images into Eagle and go back to it when I need it. I'm constantly using Eagle to organize my inspiration + reference images for my work.

Xin LiuFounder of V2EX

If you are a professional content creator who collected thousands of digital resources, Eagle is a must-try! It would make organizing your files an entirely enjoyable experience. Besides, it has an elegant UI design that looks great on both Windows and macOS.

Elijah HoverArtist

Eagle offers a simple solution to a digital management problem. Using Eagle has helped me access and organize both photos and music in one program and I see myself continuing to use Eagle in the future. I think that anyone who wants to help organize their digital library should give Eagle a try.

Joey KahnFilmmaker

I currently have more than 8000 photos in my Eagle and have recommended it to my artist friends. I personally love software that is easy to handle. I also love that it saves the metadata of the pictures, like the website the pics are from, etc. Highly recommended for artists, archivists, internet fiends who love to scour the internet for gems.

Tyson HigelArt Director for Phantasm Gallery

I curate for an art blog, and Eagle makes it easy for me to search for just the right image I'm looking for out of the thousands I've uploaded to it using specific tags and keywords. It's indispensable for what I do, saving me time unimaginable!

Anil AgrawalFounder at Agrawal Leadership

I discovered the app a few months ago. Batch Save, Capture Area, and Capture Page are my top favorite. Dragging images and dropping them on a popup modal is super easy. Organizing images in folders with source URL, image size, notes, and powerful search are all pleasure to use.

Andrei PistolLead Developer / JeFawk's Spaghettorium

Eagle boosted the productivity of our game dev studio by allowing us to manage game assets, game design documents, and marketing materials all in one place. The complex tag system helps us find the right assets much faster when time is essential: client has last minute change, at game jams, etc.

Valentin KossenkoEntrepreneur & Creator

I really wish I found out about Eagle earlier. The app looks gorgeous, is extremely powerful & yet simple to use. Searching through thousands of digital assets is fast & reliable and I never want to miss out on all these time-saving features ever again. Thank you so much!

Pawan KaythBrand Smart

My first words in mind are "This is how a app must be made". I am sure developers himself were designer and understands everything a designer needs to organise his digital assets. I used smart folders to freeup my cloud space and creating internet only folder, the color picker palette tool is now part of life and covering almost every file type a graphics designer need. Loved it.

Eva WilliamsJournalist for fixthephoto.com

If you want to keep your files neatly organized in one place, Eagle is sure to satisfy your needs. Most of all, I like that the interface is clean and user-friendly. Besides, you can batch save images via a browser extension, and locate the needed picture in an instant thanks to a well-developed search feature.